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Retirement income? – would you like to give it a boost?

Posted: 2nd Oct 2013 by Susan Ruddick Wealth Management

Are you happy with your planned retirement income?

Are you one of the thousands of people retiring this year?

Do you have money held in pensions which you don’t know what to do with?

Do you know how much more you can get by shopping around?

Did you know that you could and should shop around? – especially if you smoke, or take regular medication.

Shop around to improve your retirement income?

Most people don’t explore all the options when it comes to arranging a pension income from their savings….but if you speak to us we will make sure you do, and this can make a significant difference to your annual income in retirement. We have recently improved clients retirement income by anything from 8% to 32% per annum as a result of researching the market for the best pension income available.

Retirement Income Case Study

Miss C is 60 years old and a single lady and had a pension fund of £37,180 with which to provide an income. The company she had saved with would only pay her a pension income of £1,766* per annum in return for this fund. However, we were able to obtain an enhanced income of £2,343* per annum from AVIVA!

A week after setting up this pension for Miss C, we were contacted by another couple where the husband, aged 72, had a pension fund of £197,489 and wanted to provide an income for both him and his slightly younger wife for the duration of both their lives. Did AVIVA come up trumps again?….In this case no! AVIVA would have paid an annual pension of £12,539* in return for this fund, but we were able to secure £13,597* per annum from Just Retirement! Over £1,000 a year more – an increase of 8% on the AVIVA offer.

 Everyone’s circumstances are different and to complicate matters, companies who provide pension incomes are not consistent when it comes to offering the best returns. We don’t favour any companies – just the one that is right for you and will give you the best return on your hard earned savings.

Contact us

To find out who that is –  we need to speak with you so you can tell us about yourself and your retirement plans. It’s worth finding a little time for a chat – please call Nick Lawson on 01904 655202 or email Nick at for further details and make sure you have considered all the options before you buy your pension!

*Annuity income levels depend on individual circumstances and prevailing annuity rates, which change regularly.