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Why choose HGH?


Our Client's Requirements

Hunter Gee Holroyd have worked with Bramhall Blenkharn for over 20 years.

In 2008 when the UK went into recession and the UK Housing and Construction industry crashed, Bramhall Blenkharn suffered considerably with a reduction in work in addition to 2 well established developers who went into administration owing a considerable amount of money. Prior to the recession, the business had been operating with a team of 20, however the reduction in available work resulted in the business requiring consolidation and the team was trimmed from 20 to 8 staff.

What Hunter Gee Holroyd did to help the Client

Hunter Gee Holroyd assisted Bramhall Blenkharn in preparing cash flows and projections for the bank which showed that the company had sufficient capital and planning in place to trade through the recession. These cash flows and projections reassured the bank and provided peace of mind to the directors of Bramhall Blenkharn.

How Hunter Gee Holroyd made a difference to the Client

Hunter Gee Holroyd helped Bramhall Blenkharn by keeping the business going with the support of the bank. They were able to protect overdrafts and loans that were in place prior to the recession. Hunter Gee Holroyd met with the bank, pulling together forecasts and working out break evens and turnovers so that the company had a realistic target for each month. This stopped the business from going into administration and potentially losing the family home as this was security on the business.

Hunter Gee Holroyd provided pragmatic advice, such as suggesting a reduction in working hours of key staff, rather than redundancies. This ensured that quality staff were retained to enable the business to continue throughout and to emerge in a strong position from the recession.

The client was under considerable stress, in a difficult situation at the start of the story at the mercy of circumstances outside of their control in the wider UK and global economy.

Pro-actively managing the business continues to be key for the future of the business but they have traded through the recession and are now able to grow the business again.

How the Client has benefited

Despite the consolidation of the workforce at the start of the recession, jobs were inevitably saved in the long term by the planning, forecasting and invaluable advice provided by Hunter Gee Holroyd.

Why the Client enjoys working with Hunter Gee Holroyd

Hunter Gee Holroyd and Bramhall Blenkharn feel proud that they continued to trade during a fierce recession and have now emerged to start growing the business.