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Free Tax Fairness Review – Budget 2016

Posted: 17th Mar 2016 by Nigel Atkinson Taxation

Storm clouds revealed by the Budget will force taxpayers in North Yorkshire to work an extra two years without pay to balance the country’s books

A “Free Tax Fairness Review” initiative has been launched by Hunter Gee Holroyd to prevent local taxpayers and businesses being drowned by the storm clouds identified in the small print of George Osborne’s Budget. Launching the initiative Hunter Gee Holroyd Director Nigel Atkinson  said:


“Inevitably the likes of the sugar levy, school reforms, lifetime ISAs, business rates exemptions and flood defence spending promises will grab most of the headlines. But the real story today is not about the detailed announcements, which ranged from innovative and genuinely useful to window dressing and spin. It is not even about the prediction that there are storm clouds on the horizon.


The real story today is that the storm clouds aren’t gathering, they are already here. They were here before the Chancellor stood up. And they are still here now he has sat down.

21 weeks’ worth of wages in tax every single year

The brutal truth, which the Chancellor confirmed today, is that successive governments have spent over £1.7 trillion more than they have earned. That’s the equivalent of over £58,000 for every single taxpayer, or over £93,000 for every single family in North Yorkshire. Putting it another way, someone working full time and earning average national wages would have to work for two years and give every single penny of their wages over to the taxman just to pay for what the country has already spent. And that’s not all, because to pay for new government spending the average North Yorkshire taxpayer will also need to hand over another 21 weeks’ worth of wages in tax every single year.


Shocking as those numbers are, the good news is that North Yorkshire can fight back by making sure that none of us pay an unfair share of those taxes. Exactly how much we each end up paying is very complicated, and there are a great many traps for the unwary. So we believe that the region’s taxpayers need to take urgent action to protect themselves, their families and their businesses. And to help them, today we are launching a Free Tax Fairness Review service for businesses and individuals to make sure that they don’t pay a single penny more than their fair share in tax.”

Contact us to claim your Free Tax Fairness Review

If you do not want to pay more tax than you need to, claim your free 2016 Tax Fairness Review by calling:

Robert Salenius:   York  01904 655202.

Nigel Atkinson:    Easingwold  01347 823569

Paul Morris:         Filey 01723 512180


  • The Treasury’s full “Budget 2016” document reveals national debt will rise to £1.74 trillion – Table B2, page 137





  • According to The Adam Smith Institute, the average UK taxpayer works until 31 May every year just to pay taxes. They call this “Tax Freedom Day”, and it equates the working 21 weeks a year for the taxman.